June Newsletter- Forgiveness

Hi there! It's time for another monthly newsletter! This month's topic is forgiveness. Please download your copy of the newsletter below and check back throughout the month for more posts and information on forgiveness. Upcoming Posts A Free podcast exploring ways to decrease resentment and make forgiveness a bit easier Reasons we resist forgiving How [...]

Relaxation Technique & Free MP3 Download

Here it is!  Finally the free MP3 download of my favorite relaxation technique! The video is just a quick instructional video that I use to go over the details of this technique, why it's so great, and what "tapping" is.  Watch the video once to get the idea, and then simply use this MP3 download [...]

The 5 Love Languages

Is anyone else struggling with worse than normal allergies this year? Man, my energy and creativity have been hijacked by allergies lately which is why things have been running so late on my blog.  I want to apologize for the delay in getting not only this post done but May's Newsletter out and the free [...]