5 Step Forgivenss Plan (Step 4)

Today, we cover step 4 in my 5 Step Forgiveness plan. Step 4- Do something special to symbolize moving beyond If you’ve followed the first three steps of this plan, you should be getting ready to finally release this old hurt from your life. You’ve already moved beyond the anger to what was really bothering [...]

5 Step Forgiveness Plan (Step 3)

All right, so we’ve reviewed steps 1 (move beyond the anger), and 2 (take care of yourself), in my 5-Step Forgiveness Plan. Now we are ready to move onto step 3. Step 3 is a really important component of this process, not that all the steps aren’t important, because they are, but step 3 is [...]

5 Step Forgiveness Plan (Step 2)

Last time we explored step 1 in my 5 step forgiveness plan, which is moving beyond the anger to your real feelings and just acknowledging them.  Now we are ready for step 2. Step 2- Take Care of Yourself Now that you know what your real feelings are, and what really hurts, you can take [...]

5 Step Forgiveness Plan (Step 1)

Gosh, can you believe it's July already?  June just flew by, and now July seems to be doing the same thing!  Checking the calendar, I realize I've gotten a bit (OK, maybe more than a bit) behind on my newsletter and blog posting, so I've decided to take a page out of my own play [...]