My 1-2-3 Guide to Getting More out of Self-Care

I can't even tell you how often I ask people this question: "What do you want?"  It may sound like the simplest question ever, but it inevitably brings about the most complex responses in people, and oh so often.... crickets. We tend to spend so much time thinking about, defining, and avoiding what we don't [...]

Self-Care: A Helpful Path to Self-Worth

  Pinterest So, as you can tell, lately I've been neglecting my poor blog!  Not because I don't have things to say, but because I have so many things to say I can't seem to stick with and finish a topic.  The downfall of having your passion, be your work! ;-) As I blocked out [...]

Savvy Self-Esteem Lessons From J.K. Rowling

Pinterest "It's our choices that show what we really are far more than our abilities do." ~J.K. Rowling Last week we celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary! In honor of our 8 years of marriage we had a date night to see the 8th Harry Potter movie. Seemed fitting, no?! Harry Potter, and J.K. Rowling, have [...]