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Now What? What Happens After You Reach Your Goals

Today’s a big day for me. A year ago I set a goal for myself.  I promised to write a blog post each week for an entire year. And this is post #52! I want to be able to tell you that’s it’s all good.  That reaching this goal feels nothing but amazing.  But…that’s not [...]

Why My Clients Make Progress Working With Me

I used to feel like a victim. Like, all. the. time. I’ve always been intuitive, empathetic, compassionate, sensitive. What my family calls “tender-hearted.”  And I call a tender soul. I was born this way. And it made me different from my family.   The more they tried to “toughen me up” and teach me to [...]

Learning to Appreciate…You

I’m a bit of a weeper.  Always have been.   Whenever I'm around real emotion- good, bad, love, anger, you name it- my eyes fill up with tears.  It's part of what makes me...me.   This part of me has been tricky over the years.  And has totally influenced my appreciation and acceptance of myself. [...]

What You’re Really Saying Goodbye to When You’re (finally) Able to Let Go

  Goodbye’s can be hard.   Even when you’re ready to say goodbye.   Even when they lead to your purpose.   Which used to confuse me.   And make me wonder if I was making the wrong choice.  After reading The Alchemist I realize what’s really going on.   See, everything has a soul.  A [...]

Do You Edit Yourself?

Last week was a big week for me.  A metamorphosis occurred, I’m pretty sure.   See, I’m fast approaching my goal of blogging once a week for a year.  I set this goal 48 (!!!) weeks ago because I wanted to find my voice.   And, when it comes to blog posts, it’s totally worked. [...]

When Shift Hits the Fan: Emotional Hangovers

Lately I’ve been hitting it hard.   By “it” I mean writing.   Not just writing.  More like soul-searching, core-level, life changing expressing myself.   See, I’ve known for months that I want to create a new website.   I’ve also known for months that my old website writing chops weren’t up for the job [...]

This is Why Self-Care Routines Feel Like Such a Challenge

If you’re anything like me you know in your head that good things come through repetition.   You know, practice.   And yet repetition/routines are so hard to get yourself to do. And even harder to stick to.     Like last week.... It was beautiful totally sunny spring day in Seattle.   I was [...]

How Goodbyes Lead You to Your Purpose

For most of my life I sucked at goodbyes.   You’d think I’d be good at them since we moved 9 times before I graduated high school.  But, like all kids with abandonment issues, being forced to say goodbye over and over actually made it worse.   So it’s no surprise that I’ve recreated this [...]

Why You Shouldn’t Ask for Help

OK, I started writing a blog post about when to ask for help.   I wanted to remind you how differently things go when we ask for help before we need it. You know,  when we have a plan + support system in place.   But it felt like total BS.   See, I'm working [...]

How to Know if a Coach or Program is Right for You

Lately I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with lots of potential new clients.   I love this part of the job!   But, there’s one aspect of these calls that often breaks my heart: shame.   Often disguised as fear.   Shame is something we feel on the inside that tells us we’re not good [...]