Learning to Appreciate…You

I’m a bit of a weeper.  Always have been.   Whenever I'm around real emotion- good, bad, love, anger, you name it- my eyes fill up with tears.  It's part of what makes me...me.   This part of me has been tricky over the years.  And has totally influenced my appreciation and acceptance of myself. [...]

Is Your Confidence Keeping You Stuck?

Lately, I’m obsessed with this quote from Marianne Williamson:“With every attitude we demonstrate faith- either faith in what can go wrong or faith in what can go right. Our problem is that we tend to have tremendous faith in the power of our disasters and far too little faith in the power of miracles.” Um, hello [...]

How to Change Your Life

This December I’m feeling extra nostalgic about saying goodbye to another year.2014 has been one of the hardest AND most amazing years of my life.  They often go that way, no?   The hardest things- that you’d never want to go through again- are also the things that you’re most grateful for.     Totally sums up 2014 for [...]

What Brings Out the Best in You?

It's that time of year. You know, when gratitude make a major comeback. We jump on this giving thanks float every year.   And, my guess is that every year your thanks head in the same general direction: family, friends, health, being together.... What if this year you shake things up big time and give [...]

How to Up Your Affirmation Game (+ My Rookie Mistakes)

When I first learned about affirmations I dove in head first.  The idea that I could change my words and change my entire life had me at hello! I diligently made post-it notes with Louise L. Hay's words and stuck 'em everywhere.  All over my wallet, mirrors, fridge, notebooks home + car, you name it.  [...]

5 Tips for Overcoming The-End-of-Holiday-Blues

Source: la-la-la-bonne-vie.tumblr.com via Carolyn on Pinterest   Happy New Year! If you are anything like me, no matter how much you were looking forward to the new year, there's always a bit of blues that comes with saying goodbye to another holiday season.  Life returning to "normal" sounds so good, and yet, is so uncomfortable-- [...]

Savvy Self-Esteem Lessons via Me

Pinterest   Did you ever have one of those years?  You know, the kind that test you, push you to your limits, make ya question everything and just leave ya feelin' like you've been hit by a bus?  Well, that was my 2012.  As it's {finally} coming to a close, and I am doing my [...]

Relaxation Technique & Free MP3 Download

Here it is!  Finally the free MP3 download of my favorite relaxation technique! The video is just a quick instructional video that I use to go over the details of this technique, why it's so great, and what "tapping" is.  Watch the video once to get the idea, and then simply use this MP3 download [...]

Modern Day Journaling

The 5th tool I’d like to share from my toolbox is a new version of an old standby…. Journaling. Journaling is an important self-care tool because it is a great way to 1. Keep track of your thoughts and feelings 2. Discover patterns in your life, and 3. Shines light on the places where you [...]


Another favorite tool in my personal toolbox is called Treasuring. What is Treasuring? Treasuring is similar to positive thinking, but instead of taking what is and trying to see it from a positive lens, you dream about already having what you want. In treasuring you pick something you really desire like love, money, a home [...]