Now What? What Happens After You Reach Your Goals

Today’s a big day for me. A year ago I set a goal for myself.  I promised to write a blog post each week for an entire year. And this is post #52! I want to be able to tell you that’s it’s all good.  That reaching this goal feels nothing but amazing.  But…that’s not [...]

Why My Clients Make Progress Working With Me

I used to feel like a victim. Like, all. the. time. I’ve always been intuitive, empathetic, compassionate, sensitive. What my family calls “tender-hearted.”  And I call a tender soul. I was born this way. And it made me different from my family.   The more they tried to “toughen me up” and teach me to [...]

When Shift Hits the Fan: Emotional Hangovers

Lately I’ve been hitting it hard.   By “it” I mean writing.   Not just writing.  More like soul-searching, core-level, life changing expressing myself.   See, I’ve known for months that I want to create a new website.   I’ve also known for months that my old website writing chops weren’t up for the job [...]

How to Have More Fun: 4 Life Lessons from Masters of Fun

Yesterday I got to spend the day hanging with 3 of the coolest little dudes around.   We played.   We talked.  We cried.   We threw things.  We played some more.   It was totally awesome.   And I learned a few things about living a passionate life from these tiny tots that I'd [...]

What is Life Coaching, Anyway?

Since making the switch from traditional therapy to Life Purpose Coaching, I get this question all the time: "So, what exactly IS life coaching anyway?"  In a nutshell: coaching is all about discovering the intentional and unintentional ways we stop ourselves from living big.   Like setting goals we don't really want to reach. (Hence [...]

11 Relationship Dos
That’ll Help You Rock Your Job

This Saturday marked 11 years since the hub-ster and I got hitched! I can honestly say we're (WAY) happier today than we were back then.  Don't get me wrong, our wedding was beautiful.   But for us, marriage took some figuring out.   We had to learn HOW to make an in-it-for-the-long-haul-relationship work.  Kinda like [...]

The Than-Game: 8 Signs You’re Playing

Something really interesting + sorta unexpected happens when I talk to people about self-esteem:  they become jerks.  And, their self-esteem actually plummets. Seriously.   It's happened to me.   And I'm pretty sure it's happened to you. You know those times when your day is going just fine?  You're feeling pretty peaceful.  Getting stuff done. [...]

How to Love Your J-O-B

I love my job. There's nothing else on earth I'd rather do. That doesn't mean it's always easy.   Or without stress. Or that there aren't days I question if it's what I really want to do. Yet I can confidently say I a love it.   And feel love for it. Not because I'm any different [...]

“You’re Not the Boss of Me”

Go ahead and say it.   I'm not the boss of you.   (And I so don’t want to be) I've recently done a re-branding job to my site, practice and blog. (+ my attitude.)  I've spent years working as a traditional therapist, focused on Self-Esteem, because I wanted to help people.  I’d had some super [...]

My coming out story

I’m about to do something a little scary. I’m coming out of the closet.   Right here.   Right now. It all started several months ago when I watched this amazing Ted Talk for the first time. The short version: Ash beautifully shares what "a closet" truly is: a hard conversation. That fear, deep inside, that believes, [...]